Aikido - A beginner's guide bookAIKIDO – A BEGINNER’S GUIDE

All the major aspects of Aikido are clearly laid out in chart New Zealand Dollar to Japanese Yen, this beautiful beginner’s guide to Aikido.

Illustrated with over 100 photographs and using a clever “page per topic” format, it’s ideal for the newcomer to the art or for those just curious about Aikido.

Highly recommended by some of the most senior Aikido practitioners in this Europe.

Elegantly presented in a sophisticated A4 “Coffee Table Book” style.

“The purpose of this book is to be a memory aid for the beginner to Aikido, to help clarify the potentially overwhelming series of movements, postures, attacks and (for those not familiar with Japanese) the names and phrases that make up our wonderful art.
This book will give you a “snapshot” of Aikido, it’s structure, ethics and heritage; hopefully this NZD/USD - New Zealand Dollar to US Dollar forex will whet your appetite enough for you to go and find out more for yourself.”

Dunken Francis 5th dan

Published by Wooden Dragon Press 2003.
3rd edition. ISBN 0-9545486-0-4