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Aikido - The first steps DVDA comprehensive DVD showing in great detail and from a beginner’s perspective many of the basic self-defence techniques of this beautiful Japanese martial art.


  • Introduction to Aikido
  • Wrist strengthening exercises & warm-ups
  • Happo undo
  • Back roll
  • Ukemi
  • Seiza & Shikko
  • Tegatana
  • Tai no henko & Ko kyu ho
  • Ai hamni katatedori (basic techniques from 1st form) throws & pins
  • Gyaku hamni katatedori (basic techniques from 2nd form) throws and pins
  • Ko kyu doza & Ko kyu nage
  • Bokken (wooden sword) suburi
  • Happo giri
  • Jo (wooden staff) suburi
  • 13 Jo kata
  • 31 Jo kata

Instructor: Dunken Francis 4th dan

“I was extremely impressed with the clarity of presentation shown in this film.  In conjunction with the book “Aikido – A beginner’s guide” I’m sure it will be of great benefit to newcomers to our art”.
H.W. Foster shihan, 7th dan Institute of Aikido

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